Waiter: a valuable ally

If we agree that the leading star of a restaurant and patron of the kitchen is undoubtedly the chef, then the supporting role goes to the man – or woman- that keeps things together, to say the least, in the restaurant’s dining room. The waiter, can be either a great asset or a destructive liability, and has the power to fix almost every mistake or ruin the whole dining experience. Because, dinning in a restaurant is not just about good food, it’s much much more. And even though the environment (decoration) and music might play an important part throughout the meal, the real difference can be made by a good and clever waiter.Being polite, but not slavish, knowing what to recommend and smoothly change recommendations, at any slight hint of disagreement from the part of the client, always prepared, always there, but discreetly and only seen when necessary.

 Calm but not sleepy, clever but modest, with the qualities of a confessor, a successful waiter can push the dishes and wines he wishes, and at the same time make his customers happy. The waiter is the double agent who helps the information flow, between the kitchen and the customer and at the same time he is the wing man of the restaurateur. That being said, I can only dedicate this article to my ally, Michalis of the 7 thalasses restaurant, one of the most valuable waiters that not only serve me and my family with a unique and sincere politeness, but also manages to correctly guess our mood and preferences every single time.So, the next time you visit your favorite restaurant, make sure you get to know your waiter, he is your ally, your help, your friend, your host, and the person you have the most contact with, throughout your meal, and he will make sure you’ll have an exceptional time!