Hi I’m Soti and this is my collection of favorite restaurants, foods, kitchen tools and dinning products, experiences and people that inspire me. I’m based in Thessaloniki, in Macedonia –a region of Greece, a town known for its multicultural cuisine, influenced by every ethnicity that passed through it. My life philosophy is to take pleasure in everyday life and all it has to offer. Food and wine is my thing, and my bilingual book “Ode to flavor” is here to prove it.I take time exploring new products and dinners, producers and delis and want to share everything with you. Feel free to enjoy my posts and contact me for new ideas, tasting different delicacies and testing kitchen tools! Thank you for visiting!



Ode to taste


Joy | Love | Death

The everyday need for food that with good reason turned into a gastronomical pleasure and an everlasting quest of the culinary art, is presented here as a three act play, where the leading part is given to the raw materials. All the food that we, sometimes, full with ravenousness consume, may sometimes provoke joy and thus is met somewhat detached and partly as absent in the third person. There are, however, some delicacies that challenge our passion, our lust and end up being the object of our love, and there we are compelled to address them desperately with love letters. Finally, there is also the more savage aspect of our gastronomical satisfaction. The one that ends up oftenly with the tragic and painful death and that can be narrated only by the victim itself that is sacrificed on the altar of tastefulness.